Cutter positioning


Servo is under voltage and try to keep the torque, at each moment of time. It means that if you try to tighten it with too much force you can burn the servo, please be careful and follow the instruction.

To correct the cutter positioning you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Switch ON the Composer
  • Using the 2mm hex key from Tool Kit, loosen the bolt that fixing cutter on the servo’s shaft.
  • Use tweezers from Tool Kit to rotate cutter counter-clockwise. The correct position is when cutter is close to upper small hole in cutter sleeve but do not close it.
  • Keep the cutter position with tweezers and tighten a little bit the bolt. Do not use too much force to avoid servo’s damage!
  • Switch off the Composer
  • Tighten bolt completely – when you try to tighten the bolt servo will rotate to their max angle, when it reaches that angle tighten bolt with some force.
  • Switch on the Composer – servo will set on its “Zero angle”
  • Make sure that upper hole of the cutter sleeve completely open and cutter doesn’t shift during “cut” from Menu.