How to print composite part

From this video you will know:

  • how to make a decision about part orientation on the build plate
  • how to set up a project for printing
  • how to reinforce a part with perimeters
  • about the specifics of layers with fiber
  • how to observe inner structure of a reinforced part
  • how to save an Aura project

How to print with plastic

From this video you will know:

  • how to upload model
  • how to modify model
  • how to set-up model for plastic printing
  • what is the Session panel
  • what kind of settings you need to achive the best result
  • how to watch Geometry and G-code
  • how to save G-code for printing

Do Z-hop when retracted

The do z-hop when retracted flag is the flag which switches on/off a nozzle z-hop mode when travel has retract. Choose this mode to improve external shell surface quality, but keep in mind that it sligtly slow down print process. Besides, it may produce strings between print areas, but usually it is easier to remove them than plastic drops.