Heating errors

When some of heating units is fail, you will see error on screen. All heating errors has ID number, which shows the unit in fail.

  • Heater_ID: 0 – plastic extruder
  • Heater_ID: 1 – composite extruder
  • Heater_ID: 2 – buildplate

Extruders switching

  • After a long and intensive work without maintenance (more than 2-3 months), it is necessary to replace the lubricant in the lifting mechanism, see the assembly instruction.
  • If an unsuccessful switching occurred with cold plastic extruder, its means the plastic has solidified between the extruder and the bracket and blocked the switch. Heat the extruder and clean the bracket.

Plastic feeder

Feeder clicks

On the first layer

  • The buildplate is too close to the nozzle. Following the instructions to adjust the zero level
  • In some cases, retracts cause the click sound, this is normal.

On the next layers:

  • Plastic extruder clogged for some reason, check the problem here
  • Incorrectly selected Aura setup. Try to change parameters to solve over extrusion.
  • The filament could flew off the spool, twisting around the axis.

Plastic extruder


  • Check the operation temperature on printer screen, it should be same as recommended by filament manufacture.
  • Most likely you have plastic jam inside the heat break. To solve this problem, you have to disassemble plastic extruder in reverse order than assembly and clean the teflon tube

Under extrusion

  • Clean nozzle hole, using needle from the Tool kit.
  • Very often, the problem with the under extrusion is come from wrong Aura setup. Try to change parameters responsible for the flow
  • The filament could not sufficiently pressed in the feeder, tighten the screw using the key from the kit so that the nut is in the middle

Plastic leak

If the nozzle was not enough tighten, during assemble, plastic could leak along the thread up and down. Please tighten the nozzle as it was shown in the instruction

Fall down

Plastic extruder could fall down if fastern had loosen. Please see assembly instruction to fix this problem