Release Notes


  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Reinforced infills
  • Fiber perimeters generation added for the first layer when solid infill count equals to zero
  • Z-hop after cut added to reduce fiber slips (Experimental)
  • Fiber printing settings are moved to a new section in Profile
  • Changes in default profiles
  • UI small improvements and fixes
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • Fixed bug in internal plastic perimeters generation


  • Fiber perimeters generation algorithm changed significantly. Perimeters are now more smooth, printed from outside to inside, residual fiber is placed inside the part.
  • Changes in part printing sequence – outer shell is now printed after internal plastic perimeters.
  • Changes and fixes in fiber printing speed calculation – printed fiber trajectory should be now more accurate.
  • Pause is now added after composite extruder heating to make extruder temperature more uniform.
  • Top/bottom solid layers count can now be zero. If you are using fiber, the fiber will be placed from the first layer to the last.
  • Default printing and material profiles updated.
  • Printing time for printing with fiber is now calculated more accurately (still not completely accurate, but better).
  • Multiple other improvements and fixes.


  • Updated fiber trajectory processing algorithm (better fiber placement accuracy after cut)
  • Added separate minimum travel distance for retract if travel does not cross part perimeter
  • New Composer firmware updater
  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Fixed fiber layup speed calculation on corners


  • First public release