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How to update composer firmware

Release Notes


  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Elapsed time and estimated time left is now displayed during printing
  • Nozzle cooling fans can now be turned on/off from LCD (Maintenance – Movement – Extruders)
  • Now toolchange on power on and from LCD screen is done without nozzle cleaning
  • Print is now paused on temperature and heating errors
  • Added new G-code to park/unpark printhead near wipe station (M1013 – park, M1013 R – return). This G-code will be used to park printhead for heating during printing to prevent plastic drops on the part.
  • Toolchange sequence updated. “T Q” command performs quick toolchange without nozzle cleaning
  • Updated material load distances
  • Minor changes in buildplate calibration wizard
  • Some changes in pause and resume sequence
  • Fixed problems with incorrect behavior after pause
  • Fixed problem with thermal runaway error display on LCD
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


  • New firmware file format, fw2. Use Aura 0.9.13 or later to update firmware to this version.
  • System config is now stored in EEPROM
  • Linear advance 1.5 added. The deafault k coefficient is set to zero, but can be set before the print with M900 command. See for more details.
  • Added cut M-code (M1010)
  • Added cut settings M-code (M1011 S A B)
  • Added toolswitch settings M-code (M217)
  • Added filament load/unload settings M-code (M704)
  • Added LCD brightness M-code (M250 C)
  • Added preheat settings M-code (M145 H B)
  • Information about current printhead, buildplate and chamber temperatures (if the chamber temperature sensor is present) is now displayed during printing
  • Exhaust fan now turns on automatically if the chamber temperature sensor is present on printer and the chamber temperature is high (50°C)
  • Print head throat cooling fans are now turned on only if extruder temperature is above 60°C
  • Fixed bug with layer number not displaying after pause
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


  • Updated maximum accelerations to fix occasional missed steps during printing


  • Minor improvements
  • Fixed bug in G4 command
  • Fixed bugs in UI


  • Initial release

Source code

Firmware source code can be found in our Github repository.