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Release Notes


  • [Critical fix] Fixed issue that could in rare cases lead to uncontrolled heating of the printer.
  • [Changed] Connectivity improvements for better integration with Aura.Connect


  • [Added] Buildplate heating in the buildplate, z-axis, and z-offset calibration wizards
  • [Added] Files on SD can now be sorted by name or by date
  • [Added] Full support of network bridge (for “nw” versions of Composer)
  • [Added] Network status page in UI (for “nw” versions of Composer)
  • [Added] Wi-Fi connection pages in UI (for “nw” versions of Composer)
  • [Added] Aura.Connect connection page in UI (for “nw” versions of Composer)
  • [Added] Support for TCP/IP connections, commands can be streamed to the printer through TCP/IP (for “nw” versions of Composer)
  • [Added] Reminders about composite extruder cleaning
  • [Changed] Minor UI fixes and improvements
  • [Fixed] Max temperature threshold on setting temperature using the LCD screen
  • [Fixed] Minor issues in G-code parser


  • [Added] Basic support of network bridge (for “nw” versions of Composer, full support of network features will be available in the next release)
  • [Added] Support of second Serial port (through the native USB port on mainboard)
  • [Added] Support of second SD card as a printer internal storage (for “nw” versions of Composer)
  • [Added] SD card configuration M-code (M39)
  • [Added] New M-code (M28.1) for fast file transfer to sd card
  • [Added] New M-code (M408) to report the state of the printer in JSON format
  • [Added] Output of changes in the printer and print job statuses to serial ports
  • [Changed] New icons in UI
  • [Fixed] Minor problems with pausing during composite printing
  • [Fixed] M524 abort SD printing M-code
  • [Fixed] Starting print after finishing previous print


  • [Added] Error in now displayed in case of temperature sensor converter failure
  • [Fixed] Incorrect endstop states on the Debug info screen for Composer A3
  • [Fixed] Issues with a print pause after the cancellation of print during fiber layup


  • [Added] Printhead and buildplate temperatures can now be adjusted during printing through Control-Tune menu
  • [Added] Nozzle cooling fan speed can now be adjusted during printing through Control-Tune menu
  • [Added] Z-axis position can now be adjusted during printing to correct calibration problems while printing the first layer of the part (Control – Correct Z)
  • [Added] Additional information about a file is now displayed before printing (file modification date/time, estimated print time, materials consumption). The information is displayed for g-codes generated by Aura v1.23.2 and higher
  • [Added] Added error messages in case of problems with printer EEPROM settings storage
  • [Added] Added optional “R” parameter to tool-change command (T[tool index] R). It can be used to force tool-change movements.
  • [Changed] Chamber exhaust fan is now activated on a higher temperature, and work in one of three modes depending on the temperature inside the chamber (30%, 50%, and 100%)
  • [Changed] Maximum possible filename length on SD increased to 50 symbols
  • [Changed] The maximum target extruder temperature is changed to 270°C. The MAXTEMP error will now appear if the heater temperature is larger than the maximum target temperature by 6°C
  • [Changed] Minor load/unload wizard improvements
  • [Changed] Increased U feedrate for movements from LCD Movement screen
  • [Fixed] Incorrect print start point after previous print was canceled while changing tool
  • [Fixed] Incorrect behavior when homing from LCD Movement screen
  • [Fixed] Canceling material loading wizard on steps 3 and 4
  • [Fixed] Returning to previous LCD screen after an error message


  • [Added] M569 code to turn on or off stepper motor direction inversion (use X, Y, Z, E, U, V letters for axes, e.g. “M569 X0 Y1” to turn off X-axis iversion and turn on Y-axis inversion)
  • [Added] Controlled motherboard cooling fans for Composer A4 v1.0.4+ and A3 v1.0.1+
  • [Changed] Buildplate in now not cooled on pause
  • [Changed] Minor changes on toolchange sequence to make it faster
  • [Fixed] Fixed material load/unload lengths on Composer A3 1.0.x
  • [Fixed] Fixed disabling z-axis motors and Z homing sequence for Composer A3 1.0.x


  • Pause rework
  • Prindhead movement is now available on pause
  • Printhead heating/cooling is now available on pause
  • Reinforcing fiber is now cut on print cancellation if needed
  • New Debug Info screen with information about current position, tool, temperatures, fan speed, endstop status
  • Minor changes in material loading/unloading sequence
  • Fixed problem with “Print again” printing different file
  • Fixed problem with buildplate heating after pause
  • Fixed problem with with unexpected feeders movement after pause


  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Elapsed time and estimated time left is now displayed during printing
  • Nozzle cooling fans can now be turned on/off from LCD (Maintenance – Movement – Extruders)
  • Now toolchange on power on and from LCD screen is done without nozzle cleaning
  • Print is now paused on temperature and heating errors
  • Added new G-code to park/unpark printhead near wipe station (M1013 – park, M1013 R – return). This G-code will be used to park printhead for heating during printing to prevent plastic drops on the part.
  • Toolchange sequence updated. “T Q” command performs quick toolchange without nozzle cleaning
  • Updated material load distances
  • Minor changes in buildplate calibration wizard
  • Some changes in pause and resume sequence
  • Fixed problems with incorrect behavior after pause
  • Fixed problem with thermal runaway error display on LCD
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


  • New firmware file format, fw2. Use Aura 0.9.13 or later to update firmware to this version.
  • System config is now stored in EEPROM
  • Linear advance 1.5 added. The deafault k coefficient is set to zero, but can be set before the print with M900 command. See for more details.
  • Added cut M-code (M1010)
  • Added cut settings M-code (M1011 S A B)
  • Added toolswitch settings M-code (M217)
  • Added filament load/unload settings M-code (M704)
  • Added LCD brightness M-code (M250 C)
  • Added preheat settings M-code (M145 H B)
  • Information about current printhead, buildplate and chamber temperatures (if the chamber temperature sensor is present) is now displayed during printing
  • Exhaust fan now turns on automatically if the chamber temperature sensor is present on printer and the chamber temperature is high (50°C)
  • Print head throat cooling fans are now turned on only if extruder temperature is above 60°C
  • Fixed bug with layer number not displaying after pause
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


  • Updated maximum accelerations to fix occasional missed steps during printing


  • Minor improvements
  • Fixed bug in G4 command
  • Fixed bugs in UI


  • Initial release

Source code

Firmware source code can be found in our Github repository.