There are two options to get maximum temperature error on the Composer.

  • In standby mode, when you see temperature 989 С° on one of the extruders
  • During printing, when you get MAXTEMP trigger error

This error comes, when Composer get temperature more than 275 C° from one of the extruders (Heater_ID) or more than 125 C° from buildplate.


If you set the temperature in gcode more than 275 С° on extruder or more than 125 С° on buildplate, you will get MAXTEMP error, although the printer will work fine.

To identify the cause of the error, you need to check the temperature sensor. Operating procedure will be:

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Remove the protective cover from the print head
  3. Disable flat cables
  4. Measure the resistance at the defined connectors.

If the measured resistance is close to the correct (108-110 Om), it’s means that the temperature sensor works good. You will need to contact your local distributor or write us on