Composite extruder channel cleaning

To prevent fiber clogging the extruder cleaning is recommended before each print. This will ensure the successful printing of the parts without fiber clogging.


CAUTION: all extruder parts can be hot!



  1. Heat composite extruder up to composite plastic printing temperature (or a bit higher). On the main screen press Composite extruder temperature button and set required temperature.

       2. Clean the contact surface of the composite nozzle by brass brush from the set of cleaning tools.

       3. Insert the barbed needle from the set of cleaning tools into the composite nozzle. Spinning the needle, push it through the extruder, until the end of the needle is in the inlet hole of the extruder. Be careful not to break the needle. Pull the needle down and clean it by tweezers so the barbs are clean.

       4. Remove material, pushed out of the inlet of the extruder with tweezers.

       5. Repeat points 3. – 4. until the needle is clean and the remains of the material stop pushing out of the inlet of the extruder.

       6. From the main screen go to Maintenance > Move > Extruders, change Step to 10 mm and feed 50 mm of the composite plastic filament (press V+ button 5 times). You should see clean plastic exiting from the nozzle and inlet.