Plastic nozzle replacement

You might need to clean the inner surface of a nozzle – chemically or mechanically, for that, you need to remove the nozzle and install it again. Here are the steps.

  1. Using the 2mm hex key from the tool kit, loosen the side screws of the fan bracket. Remove the fan bracket carefully, it should hang on wires.
  2. Heat the plastic extruder to the printing temperature (270 °C for Smooth PA).
  3. Using the 7 mm socket wrench, unscrew the plastic nozzle from the plastic extruder, do not use too much force to avoid damaging the nozzle.
  4. Clean the nozzle or use a new one.
  5. The nozzle is installed with a special copper washer to avoid leakages of plastic from the extruder. Be sure to remove it from the old nozzle and install on the threaded end of the new one.


CAUTION: all extruder part can be hot!