Reinforcing fiber

A specially prepared patented composite fiber Anisoprint CCF is used for printing with reinforcement. It provides a high-quality adhesion to plastic. Anisoprint CCF is a composite reinforcing fiber in the form of a tow made of thousands of ultrathin carbon monofilaments, impregnated with a special polymer composition ensuring high-quality impregnation and adhesion between the polymers and the fiber. Composite fiber is used to reinforce the plastic during the manufacturing of the part.

do not print with composite extruder without composite fiber. Otherwise, plastic leakage from the inlet hole may occur.

CAUTION: the manufacturer dislaims any responsibility for the effects of use of non-recommended materials, improperty stored materials; when other materials instead of recommended reinforcing fiber are user. Use of materials non tecommended in this manual may result in damage or complete failure of the equipment