How to unclog an FFF nozzle?

If the plastic from FFF nozzle of your Anisoprint Composer A4 does not extruded, take the following steps to fix this:

1. Check whether the plastic is correctly loaded in the feeder; Whether plastic filament comes to the print-head;

2. Check that the temperature of the extruder meets the recommended processing temperature of the plastic;

When the FFF nozzle for plastic of your Anisoprint Composer A4 is clogged or blocked, this will prevent the material from being extruded. This blockage is usually caused by dirt in the hot end. Take the following steps to fix it:

  1. Heat the extruder and clean the nozzle with the supplied needles. Be careful not to push the needle against the sides as this might damage the nozzle on the inside. Simply insert it and take it out and check if any residue comes out of the nozzle.
  2. If none of the above methods helps to resolve the clogged nozzle, there’s a chance that the nozzle will need to be replaced. Unscrew the nozzle from the hot end (after removing the material) and attach the new nozzle to it.

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