Macrolayer height (mm)

The macrolayer height is the height of a layer package which contains microlayers. The microlayer is the layer which contains one or more print entities with the same height. The macrolayer contains microlayers and its structure is defined by microlayer heights. For example, macrolayer height = 0.6mm, external shell height = 0.2mm, plastic perimeters height = 0.3mm, fiber layer height is always equal to macrolayer height and now it is 0.6mm. Accordinally, in this macrolayer we have 4 microlayers. First on 0.2mm and it has only external shell for printing. Second on 0.3mm and it has only plastic perimeters. Third on 0.4mm and it has only external shell. And the last one on 0.6mm and it has external shell, plastic perimeters and fiber perimeters.

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