General Precautions

Carefully study all precautions before using the printer. When in operation the user should follow all operation precautions for electrical equipment.

An explanatory note to graphic symbols:
WARNING – indicates a potentially dangerous situation that may result in serious injury or fatal outcome.
CAUTION – indicates a potentially dangerous situation that may result in minor or moderate injury.
NOTE – indicates a situation that may result in equipment failure.



Basic precautions:

WARNING: do not plug the printer in without grounding!
WARNING: do not touch the print head when printing. The nozzle temperature may be up to 270°С!
WARNING: do not try to repair the printer yourself!
CAUTION: do not use the printer in facilities with ambient temperature lower than 15°C or higher than 35°C!
CAUTION: avoid penetration of water in electronic components of the printer to prevent short-circuit.
CAUTION: disconnect the power cord in case of modifications and maintenance.
CAUTION: when connecting power cord to the power line, be sure that the printer ON/OFF switch is in <O> position.
CAUTION: use the printer in ventilated locations.
CAUTION: the printer is a source of noise; do not use it in leisure areas.
NOTE: do not turn on the printer if the print head is disconnected!
NOTE: place the printer on a level and rigid surface in order to ensure convenient and easy operation with all elements.
NOTE: when in operations, do not place any objects inside the working zone and inside the printer; do not cover the printer and the air vents.
NOTE: if the printer is under warranty maintenance, it is not recommended to perform any repair independently!
NOTE: before the first operation be sure that all packaging materials are removed.
NOTE: do not use the printer without the glass at the buildplate!