Precautions when working with carbon fiber

CFC 3D printing implies work with carbon fiber. Please bear in mind that carbon fiber is a good electrical conductor. The flow of current through carbon fiber leads to its instant ignition, which may result in injuries and equipment failure.

WARNING: do not place the printer next to uncovered sockets and laboratory power supply sources in order to avoid ignition of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a good electrical conductor.

If for some reason there occurred a breakage of the composite fiber, do not touch the place of the direct fracture with unprotected skin. Carbon fiber consists of thousands of thin and sharp threads that can easily get stuck in the skin, even intact fiber can sometimes cause splinters.

In case of fiber breaking small suspended particles may accidentally get into the eyes or respiratory system. If it is necessary to examine the components of the Composer CFC Printer at a close distance, where carbon fiber is outside the protecting tube, be sure to wear safety glasses and protecting mask.

WARNING: do not work with carbon fiber without personal protective equipment – gloves, safety glasses, and mask.